Monthly Archives: November 2014

Follow-up from our Palestine-Israel event

On November 15, people from at least 22 churches in the conference attended our event at Clear Lake UMC in Keizer. If you were there, you know that there was a lot of great information shared. If you were not able to be there, you can still get some of it.

Rev Diane Dulin began our program with a talk focused on Kairos Theology. You can download the text of her remarks here: KAIROS THEOLOGY. Diane also wrote the liturgy for our closing worship, which you can download here: closing liturgy.

Another highlight of the day was the screening of a new movie called “Land and Honor” by filmmaker Art Wright, who was present at the event. Art is a Portland-area photographer/filmmaker who has both taught film and photography and worked as a photographer (for KOIN TV, among other entities).  He made his first trip to Palestine/Israel this past March, and returned with footage of the Occupation, viewed from the eyes of one who is new to this issue.  In the film, we hear from Israelis and Palestinians, and observe how the Palestinian people live under the shadows of settlements and checkpoints.  The film won’t answer your questions, but it will raise a lot of good discussion points.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the film, contact Art at

Members of MFSA and HLTF hope that every church in the conference will have a study of the issues around peace in Palestine and Israel before Annual Conference 2015. If you would like help with resources or a speaker, please contact Dee Poujade, Task Force chair, at, or Jan Nelson, MFSA chapter president, at