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June Newsletter

Here is a printable version of our pre-conference newsletter.

March newsletter

Here is the newsletter for March.

September newsletter

Keep up on what’s happening with MFSA in Oregon and Idaho. Download the September newsletter here. You can read it and print a copy to share.

May Newsletter

Here is the link to the pre-annual conference edition of the Witness newsletter. Find out what’s happening at annual conference and all the other news of our chapter.

March 2017 newsletter

The March newsletter is now available to download in PDF format. You can read it here or print a copy to give to a friend.

Did you miss the November newsletter?

You can download it here. Read it or print it, and share with a friend.

September Newsletter

If you have not read our most recent newsletter, you can download it here. You will learn the status of our annual conference’s work to divest from the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, the opportunities to minister to and with disabled people, and one church’s journey with their homeless neighbors. There is also information about our fall event on October 15.

If you have already read the newsletter, why not make a copy for a friend?

February Newsletter

Here is our February newsletter: Printable Newletter February, 2016 You can download this version and print a copy for yourself or someone else who is not on our email list. When you read it you will find plenty of opportunities to get involved in the work for justice the God calls all of us to do.

Thanks to Louise Kienzle, our awesome editor!

Chapter newsletter August 2015

To read our summer newsletter, go to Printable Newletter August, 2015. You can download a PDF file of the newsletter to read or print. And you can share it with a friend. If you’re not getting the newsletter in your email, you can sign up on this site.

May newsletter

Get all the latest news of our chapter activities here: Printable Newletter May, 2015. You can print a copy for yourself, or give one to someone new to MFSA.