As a member of the Oregon-Idaho Chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action I aggree to:

  1. pray regularly for the prophetic work of MFSA both in the wider United Methodist Church and in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference.
  2. challenge the members of my local church to take Jesus seriously, to seek first God’s Realm and to speak and act for God’s justice in the world.
  3. know and tell the story of MFSA to at least one other person in my local church, and invite that person to become a member of MFSA.
  4. connect with others in the Chapter network in at least oneof the following ways:
    • attend the Spring Event
    • attend the MFSA Luncheon at Annual Conference
    • attend a gathering of MFSA members and friends in my local area
    • sit in on a meeting of the Chapter MFSA Executive Committee
    • submit an article for publication to the Witness, our chapter newsletter

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