Rev Alex Awad speaking in Portland

“Ten things Christians Can Do to Help Contribute to Peace and Justice for Israelis and Palestinians” will be the topic of a talk by retired UM Missionary Rev. Alex Awad at First United Methodist Church, Portland, at 12 noon Sunday, July 23.   Rev. Awad, a retired GBGM missionary who served as Dean of Bethlehem Bible College for more than 30 years, became a refugee when his family was evicted from the Jerusalem home that had been theirs for generations in the 1948 “Nakba.”  He lost his Palestinian citizenship in 1967, when the Israeli government denied Palestinians who were not “home” at the time of the 6 Day War the right to return to their native country.  With his wife, Brenda, he was able to return as a GBGM missionary, and has since retired to the Eugene area.  His story – of loss, pain and renewal – is not by any means unique in the narrative of that bit of land called “holy” by the three Abrahamic faiths.  An internationally known speaker and writer, Rev. Awad is the author of two books and numerous articles on the conflict and on Christians in the Holy Land, theology of the Land, Christian Zionism and interfaith dialogue.  The July 23 program is open to all who are interested – a light lunch will be served.

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