Stop anti-BDS legislation in Oregon

Boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) are time-honored, non-violent strategies for achieving justice. Leaders of the Christian churches of Palestine have asked their allies to use BDS to pressure the government of Israel for a just resolution of their long struggle.

BDS is under attack by those who want unconditional support for the Israeli government. Oregon is the latest state to have anti-BDS bills introduced: SCR 25SM1, and SJM9. Before these bills have committee hearings, clergy are being asked to sign a letter from faith leaders of many denominations.


If you want to sign this letter, please send an email to Tom Beilman at or Curtis Bell at with your name, title and the group you represent. Sample reply:

YES add my endorsement. Rev Ricardo Garcia, Centerville United Methodist Church

Please share this information with others in Oregon who you think would be interested. This is not just a United Methodist effort.

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