posted on April 13, 2020

Our focus area for the months of April, May, and June will be immigration. You will be invited to participate in events and actions, and we hope you will join us in organizing and spreading the word in your church and community. We are sharing here many resources that can be used by individuals, groups, and churches to help in this.

Immigration in the United States has become a human rights issue that can no longer be ignored. With so many reporting voices, it can be difficult to discern the real story and respond to growing concerns. We invite you to learn more about the issues, be introduced to organizations that offer support and find ways that you can join in changing the landscape of immigration and asylum rights. In our Resources section, you will find a list of books for readers of all ages, links to organization, and other materials useful for education, organizing, and action. Use these resources to do a book study, send cards to people in detention, watch a video together and engage in a discussion. You can be the difference in someone’s life.